Archaeological mystery!

Publisert: oktober 14, 2012 i Minoan History and culture
Archeological mystery:

Place Thoulos Bay, Eastern Crete

Look at the bay in Google Maps! 

Do you se the rectangular structure left an south from the bay? Size is abou 40 x 4 meters, it must be very big in order to show that clearly on the satellite map!


This enormous structure, 40 x 8 m stone set walls is clearly visible at the lower left side of the bay.


The structure seen from inside.

Details of bricks. Look closely at the bricks and the way the structure is put together.

 The bricks are unmistakably of roman type

The answer may be found in the geographical l position of the structure. The entire valley is full of olive trees!

If you se this in relation to the history of Crete it is not difficult to get an idea. Notice the island Psira to the north, the town Mochlos to the northwest, both within distance 10 km.Both places had substantial Minoan setlements in the Bronze Age.

Se locatin on Google Maps

I brought all the material to the arcaological museum in Agios Nikolaos.

Comments: There is no record that there is anything of arcaeological inerest in this area, consequently, the structure must be quite modern.

  1. Rukmani Willis sier:

    I see you are still taking beautiful photographs! How are you? We are well. Please reply when you have a chance.

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